Actually Look Each Other in the Eyes on Video Calls

With the More Connection Cam

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Works with any video calling app & any laptop using your smartphone's amazing camera for high quality video

More Connection Cam is simple to setup and empowers a single user to simultaneously see the screen in front of them while also looking down the lens of the camera. In one-on-one video calls, when both people use a More Connection Cam, both people can speak directly to each other and make eye contact.

Users have described this "video call eye contact" experience as if they are making natural “eye-to-eye contact” as if they were in a real-life “face-to-face environment” with the other person. The results are in, making eye contact on video calls just feels better.

Click to watch the video to learn how it works and to see how people react to experiencing video call eye contact for the first time.‍

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Researched & Designed to Optimize Online Connections

Online eye contact scientifically shown to feel like real life

Activates neural synchrony in the gamma frequency, the same brain response that people have during real life eye contact, not found in normal video calls.

Improves measurements of emotional connection

Optimizated for connectedness and ease-of-use in mental health settings

Designed for you to connect better with anyone, anywhere

Have clear, high quality video looking directly into the camera as a single user, instead of using  "always staring" AI-eye correction or screen obstructing eye-contact cameras.

With a two person setup, take full advantage of the device's connection capabilities and make video call eye contact with the other person you are talking to.

See our setup guide for full instructions on single and duo use of the More Connection Cam.

Cases for more connected,
eye contact enabled video calling

Improving the quality of online mental healthcare by providing the option for eye contact online talk therapy.

Reducing loneliness in care homes and hospice care by providing access for more connected feeling video calls with loved ones.

Increasing effectiveness of online coaching, personal connections with clients, online teams, or video call interviews and presentations.

Strengthening emotional connections between long distance partners or far away loved ones.

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